Premarital Counseling

Before entering into a marriage, many couples benefit from talking with a counselor about some of the major life transitions, stressors and changes that occur over a lifespan, ways they handle conflict and differences, and expression of life goals and desires.

Planning for a wedding can be an exciting and happy time, but the wedding itself is not a marriage. For many couples, taking time to prepare for the work of marriage in premarital counseling can deeply enhance the experience of the wedding as well as the relationship. Premarital counseling is a fun and rich experience that can set the stage for open communication and growth in your relationship for a lifetime. Couples who are already married may also benefit from premarital counseling; it is an opportunity to begin having  (or improve communication during) conversations you will have throughout your marriage.

Couples generally meet with me for 5¬†sessions to discuss the big topics that tend to come up in long term relationships, while others prefer to meet over a longer period of time to explore each person’s family history, ongoing sources of conflict, and relationship patterns. I will provide you each with a questionnaire to take home and fill out at our first meeting, and we will use those as the platform for our sessions together.

I have provided premarital counseling for couples getting married in the Catholic Church who are required to do so before marriage, as well as for couples of all religious (or non-religious) backgrounds. We can discuss and decide together what you would like premarital counseling to look like in your relationship, and how you would benefit most from this process.

Online Premarital Counseling Services in the state of Oregon

In addition to seeing couples for premarital counseling at my office in Portland, Oregon, I offer online or ‘telehealth’ premarital counseling services for couples in the state of Oregon who are unable to find a provider to meet their needs in their area. In some circumstances, couples in the Portland metro-area who have conflicting schedules or difficult commutes to my office may also benefit from premarital counseling via online programs such as Skype or VSee. Please contact me if you are interested in telehealth premarital counseling so we can see if it might be a good option for you!