Philosophy and Approach

I work from an integrative, client centered approach in my work as a counselor. This means that I draw on many different psychological approaches to meet the needs of each individual client, while also taking into consideration each person in their environment and their relationship to their own health: emotional, psychological, and physical. I enjoy using creative approaches during counseling (such as art or writing) for clients who enjoy using these means to open up parts of themselves that may feel blocked, however treatment is always highly individualized for each individual or couple I see.

As a trained couples and family therapist, I am particularly interested in the way the relationship with oneself is both developed and impacted by others, and how this relates to our being in the world and the personal challenges we face.

I am experienced and passionate about doing premarital (or pre-commitment) counseling. Getting ready for a wedding is often an exciting and stressful time, and many couples find there is simply no time to discuss some of the major topics that can arise in a marriage. Premarital counseling provides the space and the time to do this work together. I attempt to make the process as fun and meaningful as possible; it is not an evaluation or whether you should marry or not, but rather an opportunity to strengthen your bond and prepare for your future.

In addition, I am trained and experienced in working with individuals struggling with difficult life transitions, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, body image issues, and difficulty managing emotions.